[RCD] Larry: Improved #message element behavior/location

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Sat Nov 23 23:19:41 CET 2013

Am 22.11.2013 10:47, schrieb Thomas Bruederli:
> A.L.E.C wrote:
>> On 11/22/2013 09:52 AM, Thomas Bruederli wrote:
>>> I don't agree. Colored text on dark background is less readable than black
>>> on white. The larger font is supposed to compensate that which it IMO does.
>> I do not think the text is less readable, but if so maybe make it more
>> brighter.
> Making them brighter will result in pastel colors which I don't really
> consider adorable. But that's probably a matter of personal taste.
>>> And what are "some small improvements"?
>> well, I'd like to move container few pixels to the left (so right border
>> is not above other element border)
> Done.
>> and move info icon a few pixels down (it's not aligned with text).
> Done.
>> I'd also consider smaller (not much) opacity value.
> I'm using the opacity value from your jsfiddle ;-)
> By smaller you mean less opaque and more transparent? That would again
> reduce readability...

28 messages already about colors, pixels, opacity, transparency, brightness,
font size - I'd wish I'd have your problems... (in German: "Eure Probleme
möchte ich haben...").

Is anyone still open to a discussion about the more technical side of
things? E.g. indicating attachments in the message list of
multipart/alternative messages with a nested multipart/mixed part? Or "least
invasive" charset declarations (e.g. declaring "US-ASCII" or "ISO-8859-1"
rather than "UTF-8" if "US-ASCII" or "ISO-8859-1" would be "just enough" -
and yes, I know that "UTF-8" is always correct)?

Cheers and <sigh>,
Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

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