[RCD] Status of S/MIME and PGP support

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Sat Nov 30 13:00:45 CET 2013

Lazlo Westerhof wrote:
> On 2013-11-28 10:21, Markus Wernig wrote:
>> Or on another plugin/solution to support mail encryption/signing?
> OpenPGP for Roundcube via JavaScript: https://github.com/qnrq/rc_openpgpjs

That's a start but unfortunately only works on text parts but not for
attachments. But in terms of architecture, a purely client-side
encryption/decryption is the preferred and most secure way.

Please find a summary about the current situation and the proposed next
steps to get that done:

Regarding S/MIME, GnuPG is also supposed to do S/MIME but I'm not sure
whether the OpenPGP.js has plans to add that too.

We'd much appreciate any contribution on this. If anybody decides to work
on the OpenPGP.js approach, please get in contact with the author of the
rc_openpgpjs plugin.


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