[RCD] Text search - timeouts and other issues

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Sun Oct 13 12:04:30 CEST 2013

Michael Heydekamp wrote:
> My INBOX has > 10,000 messages. When doing a text search in the body across
> those messages, I'm ALWAYS getting a timeout the first time. Sometimes also
> when doing it a second time.

Is this a timeout displayed in the browser?

By default no socket timeout is set thus you might run into the default
time limit for PHP processes which is defined by the max_execution_time
php.ini setting.

The timeout for IMAP connections can explicitly set with

  // IMAP connection timeout, in seconds.
  // Default: 0 (use   default_socket_timeout)
  $config['imap_timeout'] = 30;

@Alec, we might consider setting the max_execution_time to
max(max_execution_time, imap_timeout) in rcube_.
> But when doing it at least the third time (but sometimes at the second
> attempt already), I get a result within a few seconds.

This sounds like the IMAP server has finally loaded your inbox into disk
cache after the second search and is now fast enough to read all of it.
> Is there anything we can do server-side which can improve this? IMAP server
> is Cyrus.

Searching is entirely delegated to the IMAP server and optimizations such
as indexing need to be done there. Cyrus also has means to do indexing.
Search for cyrus-squatter for more information on this.
> Furthermore, how does the text search work at all in detail? If I enter for
> instance "term1 term2" (without the quotation marks), does RC look for
> "term1" OR "term2", or does it look for "term1" AND "term2"? And if the
> latter, does it look for "term1 term2" as an exact phrase, or does it look
> separately for "term1" AND "term2" anywhere in the body? And do quotation
> marks have a meaning at all?

Search strings are passed as-is to the IMAP server with either the SEARCH
or SORT command like

  A0004 UID SORT (ARRIVAL) US-ASCII TEXT "image test"


  A0004 UID SEARCH RETURN (ALL) OR BODY "some test" HEADER SUBJECT "some test"

If you selected multiple headers sections (headers and/or body) to search
in, these will be search with OR but the search term is taken as one
string. Roundcube currently doesn't support operators like AND or OR or

But again, IMAP servers might react differently depending on how they
implemented the search command.
> Our users are asking us this, and currently we don't have a good answer for
> them.
> Last but not least: Will there be a header only search available in the near
> future?

What exactly does that mean? You can already select headers to search in.

Kind regards,

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