[RCD] Identity selection broken?

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 16 09:58:07 CEST 2013

> Then my assumption may be wrong, but in fact the identity selection doesn't
> work at all anymore (not even the check of the standard headers To/Cc). And
> the commit I mentioned was the only one that I could think of which could
> have been the cause.
> Hmmm... Let me restart the browser, not that... No, neither restarting the
> browser nor rebooting the machine did help.
> And I just stumbled over another issue: The last few messages I sent (e.g.
> to this list) have not been saved in the Sent folder (although they have
> definitely been sent).
> P.S.: This message could not be sent with 1.0-git at all (although RC
> claimed that it has been sent), at least it didn't arrive in the list yet.
> So I had to resend it with 0.9.4.
> Something very strange is happening, 1.0 seems to be unusable currently...?!

Im running a git rc install up to date to this morning, and i dont see these issues. Identity selection seems to work, and my outgoing emails arrive and are saved in the sent box. 


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