[RCD] keyboard documentation and further ideas

Charles McNulty charles at charlesmcnulty.com
Thu Oct 24 18:35:23 CEST 2013

I scoured the code for keyboard handling and here's what I found:

Message & Contact List (unless otherwise noted):

	Up and down arrow keys: Select next/previous item

	When selecting a message in a thread:
		Plus/minus keys: Open/close the thread
		Spacebar: Toggles thread open and closed
		+/= key: Open thread (firefox - not chrome)

	Page-up/page-down: Load previous/next page
	Home/end: Select first/last item
	Enter key: Show message (not applicable to contacts)
	Escape key: Cancel mouse drag (mid-drag)
	Delete key: Delete selected items
	Backspace key: Delete selected messages only (does not work for 

It doesn't look like this is documented anywhere.  Anyone care to add 
this to the wiki?  I'd be happy to create/manage a wiki page for 
key-bindings, or it could just be added to the User_Guide page.

Personally, I think they could be tweaked though, and maybe that should 
happen before documenting the behavior.

1) The (+/=) key support is browser dependent, and could probably just 
be dropped.

2) The backspace key works for messages but not contacts and seems 
redundant with the delete key - additionally some people use the 
backspace key for "back" in a browser.  I'm not suggesting we support 
using the backspace key for browser-back, but I am suggesting that we 
might not want to delete messages if a user presses it intending to go 

3) I think that we should add left/right cursor (arrow) key support to 
expand/collapse threads.


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