[RCD] Codebase cleanup, PSR-1/2 compliance - and before you say no, I'm offering to do the work

Raoul Bhatia raoul at bhatia.at
Wed Sep 18 17:22:22 CEST 2013

David Deutsch <skoremail at gmail.com> wrote:
>> do you really want to prove your credibility to the world with a
>history like this
>> do you seriously want to eternalize yourself with this ridiculous
>Credibility? Eternalize? What? Look - I'm just a FOSS coder and I don't
>care how "professional" or whatever I come across. What I do care about
>an /honest/ track record that can be seen in my github profile, amongst
>other things. I would like to help out in other projects as well,
>eventually, and I want to be able to offer an honest, cohesive picture
>how past efforts went about. That's why I showed you what I did for
>- to give you a direct view into how it went down in another example.
>If I
>propose help to other projects, I don't think they would care much
>how "professional" I am, but they would very much appreciate an honest
>picture of the process.
>This may seem like a fine point (and I suppose both sides look equally
>silly in standing up for something that may appear minor to outsiders)
>just as you have to stand up for your history, I have to stand up for
>And I'm willing to do that. I have told you, rather clearly, that it is
>important to me to have it this way and that it is your choice to weigh
>options. I consider it a small price to pay, particularly since many of
>technical issues noted can be solved, sometimes with something as
>simple as
>a '-w'. More importantly though, I consider the price you would have to
>smaller than the one I'm paying.
>I understand that my efforts are appreciated by you and so far, I was
>with how the process went, even if I had to make some compromises to
>that I originally didn't think were debatable. But I think it's not
>unreasonable of me to make one or two smaller requirements myself.
>Anyways, I'm getting a sense that this is really mostly about commit
>/messages/. Well alright then. What about if I simply rename those
>Would be a bit of rebasing, but from my count, there's only about 15
>commits that lack a good commit message. Would that be an agreeable
>On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 2:58 PM, Cor Bosman <cor at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> David, be reasonable. I think Alec and Thomas have very sensible
>> objections to your commits.
>> As an example:
>> That is a single commit removing 1 line, with a comment of 'yup,
>> sense'.    What makes sense?  I feel im missing some part of a
>> just reading that commit history.
>> You feel you're not being properly recognised if you submit a PR with
>> sensible commits and sensible commit comments?  This isnt about
>> counting but about substance.  The substance is great, but it is
>> diluted in an avalanche of commits that are all trivial and unclear.
>> I would much rather see a PR with 1 commit that contain a group of
>> cleanups, with a commit comment like:  "Code cleanup  by David
>> Anyways, i really hope you'll re-commit your PRs because this
>> argument seems solvable.
>> Cor
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What about rebase -i and merge some of the trivial commits into the original ones that where superseded?

I did not have a look into the commits but in my past experience, this proved helpful.

Also, the prefix sounds like a good way for filtering.

Raoul Bhatia

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