[RCD] Codebase cleanup, PSR-1/2 compliance - and before you say no, I'm offering to do the work

Daniel Rauer rauer at bytemine.net
Wed Sep 18 21:18:00 CEST 2013


I totally agree with Cor: The work done so far seems to be a very good
contribute to this project, so first at all: Thanks alot to everybody
involved in this discussion and process, and especially to David who did
this work.

But when it comes to discussion about code style (and that was this
topic all about) one has to face the fact that commit messages are part
of the coding style and should get the same respect and care like the
code itself or the documentation of the code and the project.

Roundcube is a really great project, and several pieces have come
together to get it where it is today:
- A really good code base
- Quick bugfixes and releases
- A really good plugin concept, making it easy to enhance the feature set
- And last but totally not least: Project maintainers that do a really
great job. By their work they assure all the great features, new
developments, and a codebase that empowers people to contribute to this

In order to keep this high quality they have to set up certain rules of
contribution everybody has to accept.

So please: Rework your commits and pull-request them again. The hardest
work of cleaning up is already done, re-doing the commits will not take
much time but make your work come alive.

Kind regards,
Daniel Rauer

On 09/18/2013 02:58 PM, Cor Bosman wrote:
> David, be reasonable. I think Alec and Thomas have very sensible objections to your commits. 
> As an example:
> https://github.com/roundcube/roundcubemail/commit/454f7a93790375e5076324b4733bde15eaf86ab0
> That is a single commit removing 1 line, with a comment of 'yup, makes sense'.    What makes sense?  I feel im missing some part of a discussion just reading that commit history. 
> You feel you're not being properly recognised if you submit a PR with sensible commits and sensible commit comments?  This isnt about commit counting but about substance.  The substance is great, but it is being diluted in an avalanche of commits that are all trivial and unclear. 
> I would much rather see a PR with 1 commit that contain a group of code cleanups, with a commit comment like:  "Code cleanup  by David Deutsch". 
> Anyways, i really hope you'll re-commit your PRs because this unfortunate argument seems solvable.
> Cor
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