[RCD] Help needed

Chris Simon roundcube at decomputeur.nl
Wed Dec 3 16:05:34 CET 2014



If this has already been posted, i'm sorry, but the mailinglist isn't
posting my questions and i don't get any verification that it has been
posted (although that option is enabled in the mailinglist manager page)

I need some help developing my own plugin.
The basic functionality of the plugin is already working, but it
currently lacks advanced settings.
I already have some basic settings, but to go more advanced, i wopuld
like to add a third column in the settings page between te normal
settings column (the small left one) and the actual settings (the big
white one on the right) just like the column when you choose identities
(where the different identities are listed) or responses (where the
different responses are listed) 

Can someone provide me with some help as how to make this?? 

With kind regards, 

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