[RCD] Response on ticket #1489838 “separate mobile interface is needed”

Arne Berglund aberglund at lesd.k12.or.us
Tue Dec 9 23:26:22 CET 2014


On 2014-12-09 13:56, Brendan wrote: 

> i didn't get much time to work on the plugin last week, but here's a WIP
> version attached if anyone wants to try it out.
> a couple settings pages don't work (filters and responses), and some of
> the menu items are missing still (add contact, switch target to get back
> to mail/settings from some places). but it can be played around with a bit.
> i've been using this with roundcube-1.0.3, and my dev setup has a few
> plugins that you may not have but i think it ought to work in most cases
> (the spam button is hardcoded at the moment, and only for my hacked
> version of markasjunk2). i haven't done much styling either, so the
> buttons and some other things are still a bit ugly.

Is there additional config that needs to be done for this? I installed
and activated it in a test 1.0.3 instance, but my iPhone still displays
the normal interface. 

Arne Berglund
System Administrator, Internet Services
Lane Education Service District
Eugene, OR
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