[RCD] initializing javascript in plugins

Brendan brendan at tucows.com
Tue Dec 9 23:49:33 CET 2014

i've run into a problem a couple times now. following the instructions
at http://trac.roundcube.net/wiki/Doc_Plugins for a plugin with
javascript that needs to register javascript hooks does not always work
- calling rcmail.addEventListener() can fail as the browser has not yet
finished compiling the rcube javascript code/object (chrome seems to
trigger this often, probably due to some compilation optimizations it has).

for a small plugin, i just added a setTimeOut loop that would only
execute once rcube had been defined, but it's a bit of an ugly hack (and
could open up some timing issues with respect to when the code actually

with this mobile plugin i ran into the problem again. locally, i added a
browser/jquery event at the beginning of rcube.init() (in app.js):

the plugin javascript then just has a section:
$(document).on('rcmail_init', function() {
  // register rcube event listeners

it fires before pretty much anything else, which lets the plugin's
javascript add roundcube event listeners before they might otherwise
fire (later on inside init).

this solves the problem, but i had been meaning to ask if anyone had any
better solutions to this problem already (preferably that don't involve
updating roundcube to include a new event trigger). does anyone have any

On 14-12-09 02:33 PM, Brendan wrote:
> oh. i know what's wrong. i tweaked something in app.js to work around a
> problem i was having with javascript execution order. let me see if i
> can fix that.
> if you want to use it as it, add this line to program/js/app.js:
>  150     $.event.trigger({'type':'rcmail_init'});
> (the problem is that the rcmail object is not always available when the
> script starts compiling)

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