[RCD] $rcmail_config['default_host'] = array('ssl://mail.%s:993', 'ssl://%s:993');

sbremal at hotmail.com sbremal at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 20 22:10:28 CET 2014

Does this make any sense:

diff /usr/local/www/roundcube/program/include/rcmail.php*

<         if ($host == rcube_utils::parse_host($post_host)) {
>         if ($host == $host_allowed) {
<         $host = rcube_utils::parse_host($post_host);
>         $host = $post_host;

Actually what I want to achieve is to use only the e-mail address and password fields to be able to connect to any IMAP server. With the addition to have 'profiles' (instead of default hosts) that describe how to translate the e-mail address. For example:

Profile 1:
IMAP: ssl://mail.%h:993
User Name: %u

Profile 2:
IMAP: ssl://%h:993
User Name: %u@%h

Login examples:

Input: Email: mickey at donald.com / Profile 1
Connection: IMAP: ssl://mail.donald.com:993 / User Name: mickey

Input: Email: tom at jerry.com / Profile 2
Connection: IMAP: ssl://jerry.com:993 / User Name: tom at jerry.com

The user opening Roundcube will have to know only his e-mail address and his profile (plus password, of course).

Any thoughts?


From: sbremal at hotmail.com
To: dev at lists.roundcube.net
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 17:29:25 +0000
Subject: [RCD] $rcmail_config['default_host'] = array('ssl://mail.%s:993', 'ssl://%s:993'); 


What should be changed in the source that the above line functions correctly?

I have different e-mail accounts with different IMAP host name patterns: some use mail subdomain, others do not. Would be glad to see this working. Thanks!


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