[RCD] 1.0.2 "Loading..." problem

Doug Mandell dmandell at gristle.org
Wed Jul 30 06:02:11 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I'm testing out an upgrade from 0.9.5 -> 1.0.2 and I'm running into a 
weird problem: only the first three emails (out of 40) in any mailbox 
are being displayed, and a "Loading" box is displayed fore a while 
thereafter without anything happening.  This happens in a mailbox with 
3000 messages and a mailbox with 45 messages.  If I load the next page 
(i.e. show messages 41-80) I get the first three messages from that 
group of 40 and so on.  This doesn't happen with 0.9.5 on the same 

I'm using PHP v. 5.3.10 and Dovecot 2.0.19.  I'm not sure what other 
info you might consider relevant.  I've tried turning on debugging 
information in the config file, but I'm not seeing anything written in 
the roundcube logs directory.  I'm happy to do any debugging you'd like, 
just let me know what you'd like me to do.

Many thanks,


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