[RCD] Compatibility problems with contextmenu plugin (was: contextmenu plugin new version - cal for testers and feedback)

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Fri May 9 23:08:55 CEST 2014

Am 05.05.2014 19:01, schrieb Phil Weir:
>> Is there really no chance to get a working combination of RC 1.0, Win7/IE8
>> and a recent contextmenu version...?
> What version are you running? The 2.0 release works fine with IE8 for me.

After we installed contextmenu 2.0 release, I can confirm that contextmenu
works with RC 1.0, WinXP and E8.

BUT: It does NOT work with RC-beta, no matter which OS and which browser (so
not even with Win7 and FF 27):

1) Upon right click, the menu items on the top level are shown and
accessible, but a click doesn't do anything but reloading the body of the

2) All menu items of submenus (e.g. "More...) are shown, but they're not
accessible at all (= greyed out).

Another issue: The version number of contexmenu isn't shown unter
Settings/About - apparently because there's no package.xml which does
contain the version number...? How to solve this?

Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

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