[RCD] Request alternative way to query group members of LDAP address book

Zhang Huangbin zhbmaillistonly at gmail.com
Mon May 12 15:54:11 CEST 2014

Dear developers,

I tested the latest Roundcube 1.0.1 and testing LDAP address book. Looks like
Roundcube doesn't support more flexible way to query group members. I'm wondering
whether Roundcube supports to query LDAP (OpenLDAP) group members this way:

1: My mailing list (group) accounts are stored under a separate ou:

*) container: ou=Groups,domainName=example.com,dc=xx,dc=xx
*) sample mailing list account:

dn: mail=list at example.com,ou=Groups,domainName=example.com,dc=xx,dc=xx
mail: list at example.com
objectClass: mailList

2: My mail user accounts are stored under another ou:

*) container: ou=Users,domainName=example.com,dc=xx,dc=xx
*) sample mail user account:

dn: mail=user at example.com,ou=Users,domainName=example.com,dc=xx,dc=xx
mail: user at example.com
objectClass: mailUser
memberOfGroup: list at example.com
memberOfGroup: list_2 at example.com

As you can see, we define membership in mail user object, not stored in mailing 
list account. So, the way Roundcube works doesn't work for me.

To get members of mailing list 'list at example.com', Roundcube should perform
below operations:

1: Get all mailing list accounts with pre-defined dn and filter:
dn: ou=Groups,domainName=example.com,dc=xx,dc=xx
filter: (objectClass=mailList)

2: User click mailing list 'list at example.com' in address book groups, Roundcube
should construct a new LDAP filter to query its members based on some info
stored in mailing list object (value of 'mail' attribute in my case):

base dn: ou=Users,domainName=example.com,dc=xx,dc=xx
filter: (&(objectClass=mailUser)(memberOfGroup=list at example.com))
attributes: mail, cn, ...

Roundcube doesn't support this, just wonder, any plan to implement it?

We choose this way to build mailing list membership for iRedMail[1],
it's much easier to manage (query and update) membership with a unique email
address instead of full ldap dn.

[1] iRedMail: free, open source mail server solution for popular Linux/BSD.

Zhang Huangbin

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