[RCD] Advice on sharing modified plugins

Arne Berglund aberglund at lesd.k12.or.us
Mon May 12 21:27:01 CEST 2014

Greetings all,

I've just installed v.1.0.1 today, which reminded me that I've got a 
slightly modified plugin that is based on a rather old version. It's a 
password plugin with a strength test built in. It's based on the default 
password plugin, but from several releases back. I would like to 
incorporate the strength test into the latest password plugin rather 
than keep moving this old code forward. Also, I believe it is a useful 
addition, and I'd like to share it with others who might also find it 

But the reality is that I'm not really a true developer. I don't really 
know what I'm doing. I can more or less read PHP and javascript and 
figure out what it is doing, and sometimes I can through trial and error 
make the changes I want. So even though my modified plugin continues to 
work OK even in the latest releases, I think it would be a good idea to 
have someone who really knows what he/she is doing to look over my 
changes. How should I go about this? Any volunteers to check out my 
additions and pull them into the current codebase?

Arne Berglund
System Administrator, Internet Services
Lane Education Service District
Eugene, OR

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