[RCD] plugins: guidelines for linking to external libraries

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Thu May 15 09:12:00 CEST 2014

On 15 May 2014, at 08:44, Thomas Bruederli <thomas at roundcube.net> wrote:

> (cc'ing the mailing list as this is an interesting topic for all
> plugin developers)
> I suggest to specify the dependencies in your plugin's composer.json
> file which is used to register it in our new plugins repository at
> http://plugins.roundcube.net.
> If the external libraries are also available as composer packages,
> like phpseclib, just add them to the "require" section of your
> composer.json file and you're done. When installing Roundcube plugins
> through composer, all the dependencies are downloaded and installed to
> vendor/xxx. Roundcube also includes composer's autoloader and
> therefore all classes from the external libraries are automatically
> available to your plugin without having to require or include
> anything.
> I hope this helps.

Wont this create vendor conflicts? 

A quick test seems to suggest that if 1 plugin requires say version 1.*, and another version 2.* this wont work.
Looks like only 1 of the 2 gets installed. 


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