[RCD] Roundcube session management

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu May 22 12:52:17 CEST 2014

Am 22.05.2014 12:41, schrieb Rosali:
>>> Not all crons run in CLI mode. You can't run in CLI mode if you want to give users the ability to use external
>>> cronjob services unless you use a script which is called by the external service by HTTP to start a shell script.
>> which completly defeats the idea of CSRF
> So, you are saying that those who are not able to run crons by calling a 
> shell script (shared hosting) should not be able to run Roundcube and 
> its plugins? 

i would not do that and looking at the price of a VPS
where you can run real cronjobs i don't see a reason

> As far as I understand CSFR it should prevent POST and AJAX-Requests from
> not authorized sources and nothing else

* a cronjob is a serverside action
* a serverside action must not be triggered uncrontrolled

> Why do you have concerns to run HTTP based cronjobs? 

because it's likely unsecure in many situations and you open a can of worms
because it fights with server configurations and ressource limits
because it fights with timeouts and what not

that's why possible ressource intensive and long running things
typically are not done within the webserver process

> Of course there are IP or authorization token checks. 
> I didn't say that Devs should disable security features.

but don't start a session because a random GET parameter leads
in two options, none of them makes sense

* your request does anyways not work because the CSFR
* you disable also CSFR if the param is given which is not smart to say it polite

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