[RCD] managesieve vacation

Lorenzo Petracchi lorenzo.petracchi at unifi.it
Wed Nov 12 15:37:39 CET 2014


In managesieve plugin, config.inc.php, I have enabled separate management
interface for vacation responses (out-of-office) by setting this:
$config['managesieve_vacation'] = 1

Now I need to insert in every script this code:

if allof ( not exists ["list-help", "list-unsubscribe", "list-subscribe",
"list-owner", "list-post", "list-archive", "list-id", "Mailing-List"], not
header :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :is "Precedence" ["list", "bulk",
"junk"], not header :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :matches "To" "Multiple
recipients of*" )

In this way when a user receive a mail from a list the mail-from address
never receive back the vacation message, and this is what my organization

We need this feature before leaving our old horde-imp webmail, where I was
able to activate this option.

Does anybody knows how may I do this?

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