[RCD] doubleclick in list view and editor enter preference

Brendan brendan at tucows.com
Mon Oct 27 20:13:30 CET 2014

we have a large number of users using roundcube now, and two complaints 
kept coming up again and again:
- users wanting to be able to single-click to open messages when in the 
message list view with the preview pane disabled
- users not liking the behavior of the enter key in the HTML editor 
(setting a new paragraph instead of a newline)

both of them can't be "fixed" for everyone, as a fixing it for one group 
(the ones who complain) breaks it for the other group (those who like it 
as is). instead i've implemented them locally as new per-user config 
options, allowing the users to override the default behavior for each.

as both needed some changes to some of the javascript files they aren't 
suitable candidates for simple plugins. are these two options things 
that would be of use to the general project? if so, i'll submit a couple 
enhancement tickets with pull requests with the changes for them. (i'm 
fuzzy on how this type of feature enhancement should be handled)

for the single-as-double click option, when it is enabled (disabled by 
default) shift/ctrl-clicking still selects messages, single clicking 
just switches from selecting the message to opening the message.

for the html editor enter behaviour, when it is enabled (disabled by 
default) the behavior of the enter key switches: enter adds a newline 
and shift-enter adds a new paragraph (the inverse of how it is now). via 
this tinymce option: 

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