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Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Fri Apr 3 19:01:14 CEST 2015

Hello Cor

Thanks for the input, I can definitely agree that having a wider icon
set available in the default skin would make things easier and also
contribute to a more consistent look and feel for the users.

While replacing the current icons in Larry with font icons is probably
out of scope, we could indeed just add the fontawesome set to the skin
as a start.

Font-based icons will definitely be used in the new responsive skin
which I now started to work on in my spare time. That shall become the
successor for Larry and the new default skin. Therefore I'm looking
forward to make things right there but keep the efforts on Larry to a
minimum. Of course, we're open to volunteers who want to give Larry a
fresh paint with font icons.


On Fri, Apr 3, 2015 at 11:08 AM, Cor Bosman <cor at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Absolutely. It will definitely improve the overall look of roundcube, and will give plugin developers a wide range of icons to choose from.
> In larry the use of icons for tabs/sections is pretty much a must, and it is really a pain that developers need to create their own icons in roundcube's style. With fontawesome they'd have a huge set of icons to choose from. And if we support the configuration of icons through classnames in the plugin api, that would simplify the icon process immensely.
> Right now, plugin developers would need to either create their own icon and add it through css, or use an existing icon and add it through css. Either way, you'd have to load in your own css file for each plugin.
> Would roundcube be open to switch to fontawesome?
> Cor
>> On 02 Apr 2015, at 14:45, martijn.thie at kpn.com wrote:
>> Such a font will definitely also better suit retina-screens and other high-density screens.
>> Martijn
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