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Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 7 09:39:34 CEST 2015

I dont think we should mix icon fonts. They often have different styles so it doesnt have the same look and feel.

Id be fine if we'd just have icon support for plugins/tabs, and leave the existing icons as is. I have that working, and we can finetune it until the RC devs are happy with it. Then plugin developers have a wide choice of icons. It's backwards compatible so existing plugins dont need to be changed at all if they currently add a roundcube icon.


> On 07 Apr 2015, at 09:14, <martijn.thie at kpn.com> <martijn.thie at kpn.com> wrote:
> Is looking good Cor!
> Also combined with the CSS3 text-shadow (I think).
> About the missing icons…
> You can probably also use “Entypo” which does have such icons in its set.
> Or otherwise create a new icon font yourself. For both options, see: http://fontello.com/ <http://fontello.com/>
> Regards,
> Martijn
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> I played around a bit with how to add fontawesome support for plugins, and it's not that easy. 
> I managed, but without rewriting large parts of the code, it's a bit of a (albeit small) hack. I do hope that even as a hack, we can find a way to do this as it would bring plugin developers much more choice.
> I dont mind trying my hand at replacing all icons with fontawesome, and i already did part of it (tabs), but i ran into a problem immediately of not having matching icons for some tasks. Things like "Mailbox View" and "Display Messages" dont really have a matching fontawesome icon. Is RC open to replacing the current icons with some fontawesome alternative?
> As an example of the quality difference, here's a zoomed in screenshot of a plugin i have using the plugin api to add a fontawesome icon. And you can also see I added a Spam/Virus icon to the tabs.
> http://shot.ter.net/img/20150407-085423.png <http://shot.ter.net/img/20150407-085423.png>
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