[RCD] Mailvelope -> Firefox settings dissapearing issue

Hans de Raad info at hcderaad.nl
Mon Aug 31 12:00:34 CEST 2015

Dear RC-devs,

A question that is probably outside of your area of influence but 
nonetheless I'm interested if you have had any more feedback on this. If 
you don't then a short "no" would ofcourse be very much acceptable.

Recently on the ML it was announced that you were looking into more 
functional integration with Mailvelope, that sounds very promising, 
however Mailvelope (at least on Firefox) suffers from a very problematic 
bug, namely it frequently looses all keys and settings due to some 
unreliable behaviour of the extension storage back end in firefox:


There are a number of tickets opened in the Mailvelope Github, however 
no usable remedy has been found yet. Do you know of any way to 
solve/work around this? As it is effectively prohibiting me from using 
Mailvelope at all.

Best regards,
Hans de Raad

OpenNovations / DevHdR

Van Sevenbergestraat 49
2274PK Voorburg

Tel +31 6 83578847


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