[RCD] override skin

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 7 15:12:33 CEST 2015

Hey all,  im looking to override the skin from a plugin. I was encouraged by a config_get hook, which seems to be exactly what I want, but it doesnt actually function. My guess is the plugins are initialised too late, and roundcube has already decided to use the default skin (or the configured skin). Some debug statements show that my plugin is not called every time a $config->get() is done.  On top of that it actually saves the preference as well, causing people to be logged with the default skin to suddenly switch skin. I guess this wasn't really meant for that :)

Background: we recently switched our main webmail to roundcube, and are getting flooded by complaints about roundcube and android devices. Roundcube is basically totally useless on android/chrome. At least with the larry skin. The classic skin works ok-ish, at least it's functional. I was hoping to give users the option to use the classic skin on their phone/tablet, but the normal larry skin on desktop by setting a cookie and setting the skin based on that. But I cant really get that to work. 

Any other option to achieve this? Or any work being done to make larry usable on android? It works fine on IOS, so it really seems to be some bug in RC. For some reason the width is set to the screen width, instead of being scrollable like on IOS. Obviously the screen width isnt large enough, so it crunches the whole interface into a tiny space. 

Btw, I can actually get this to work by using apache environment variables and setting ROUNDCUBE_SKIN. So I could always use 2 different sites. But still wondering if im missing something to allow browser-specific skin settings,



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