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l.gautrot at free.fr l.gautrot at free.fr
Tue Jul 7 16:21:38 CEST 2015

Hi Cor,

May I suggest you to have a look at a nice project of a free mobile skin that looks pretty good and works fine.

Using viewport, it helps switching automatically to the most convenient view. Anyway, if you prefer to force a desktop view on a mobile phone, you also can (and the opposite as well).


Best regards

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> Hi all, i know roundcube doesn?t support mobile very well, but on
> iphone/ipad and even android/firefox/safari things sort of work
> ok-ish.
> Not so much for android/chrome. That is just one big garbled mess. Has
> anyone tried to look into that? I can?t seem to find a way to fix it.
> You can tell chrome to ?Request Desktop Site? and then things work ok
> again. So it seems to be some detection of a user agent and maybe some
> css gets added. I saw some code in common.js which seems to set
> classes based on user agents, but even if I remove all of that things
> don?t seem any better.
> Anyone has any idea what exactly is different between using ?Request
> Desktop Site? and the ?mobile? site, and maybe hardcode to always use
> the desktop site in some combination of user agents?
> Cor

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