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A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Fri Jul 24 08:43:12 CEST 2015

On 07/24/2015 12:26 AM, Michael Heydekamp wrote:
> Is the HTML editor of Roundcube a topic here at all? I haven't seen many
> posts about it here (only 2 of 11,418 that I have in the dev list folder),
> so I'm raising this question before I'm going to complain about lots of
> issues that I'm having with it.

Sure, but personally I don't like messing with the HTML editor ;) And
it's external code.

> 1) If I decide to change the identity during (or after) composing, the whole
>    text is gone! Apparently this is because the text (in this example just
>    "Test", but in can be lots of pages) is inserted after the
>    "<div id="_rc_sig">. If I manually move this line in the source behind
>    the text (but before the signature), then I can change the identity
>    during omposing without any problem. But this can't be the way it should
>    work, as you can't expect the average Roundcube user to edit the HTML
>    source.

Did you try with different browser? the <p> </p> line is there to
give you an opportunity to enter text before the signature. I think it's
also because handling of <div>s in the editor is not very intuitive and
for example you can't put cursor before the <div> if it's the first
element (if I remember correctly).

TinyMCE supports <div> elements but there are some issues and they
definitely might be confusing for people not familiar with HTML.

> 2) The "<p> </p>" is disturbing as it causes an unnecessary blank
>    line/paragraph at the top of the message which can not be easily removed.
>    At least I didn't find a good and always working way yet.

Put cursor in that line and press Delete key. Works for me in Firefox.
What are your signature position settings? Why do you say it is
unnecessary? You're supposed to put some text before the signature, no?

> As I said, there are lots of other issues, which I won't and even can't
> describe for the moment (e.g. that pressing Enter does sometimes create a
> new line (<br />, but sometimes a new paragraph (<p>). You're never sure
> what will happen.

This probably depends on the cursor position inside <div> or <pre> or
<span> it produces <br>, inside <p> it produces another <p>, or sth like
that. There's Shift+Enter combination that changes <p>-newline into <br>.

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