[RCD] Encryption done right with Mailvelope

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Mon Jun 8 09:01:48 CEST 2015

Hello Roundcube devs and early adopters

Full support for encryption in Roundcube remains one of the most
frequently requested features but is still not properly solved. The
reason mainly is that doing web crypto right isn't as simple as it
seems and there are different, yet controversial, approaches to it.
The most promising one in my opinion is to use a locally installed
browser extension to do the hard work in a trusted and verifiable way.
Mailvelope [1] for Chrome and Firefox is probably the most popular and
prevailed crypto extension for this. And now we're getting one step
closer to a fully integrated solution. After Thomas Oberndörfer and I
once had a chat about how to improve the integration of Mailvelope
with web applications like Roundcube and I compiled my wish list for
crypto extensions [2], Mailvelope as finally released a first version
providing an API [3] for web apps to interact with the crypto module.

I'm proud to announce that Roundcube is amongst the early adopters and
we're already working on the integration part to support encryption
right from the core using Mailvelope - and possibly other extensions
that will follow. There's a working prototype in a development branch
of our github repository and is now also available for download and
testing [4]. The integration is not yet perfect of course but it
allows to read and write full pgp/mime messages including attachments
through embedded viewers and editors provided by the Mailvelope API.
See some first screen shots to get an idea at Flickr [5].

What's still missing is restoring encrypted messages from drafts for
later editing and sending. Here, attachments are not loaded into the
editor and get lost.  Also key handling and importing needs some love
but we're getting there. We're in close contact with the Mailvelope
developers and will have these minor issues sorted out soon.

So everybody is welcome to test this little sneak peek version and
give us feedback.


[1] https://www.mailvelope.com
[2] https://roundcubeinbox.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/our-wish-list-for-encryption-browser-extensions/
[3] http://mailvelope.github.io/mailvelope/index.html
[4] http://sourceforge.net/projects/roundcubemail/files/roundcubemail-beta/1.2-mailvelope/roundcubemail-1.2.0-mailvelope.tar.gz/download
[5] https://www.flickr.com/photos/roundcube/sets/72157654227279665

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