[RCD] Roundcube Next is coming and we need your help!

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Wed May 6 15:43:57 CEST 2015

Dear subscribers

What started with the hypothetical question, "how would we implement
Roundcube if we could start over again?" [1], has now grown into a
concrete plan how to create the responsive, fast and beautiful
successor of Roundcube. It has become clear that the architectural
changes necessary for this are way too big to be applied to the
current Roundcube codebase without breaking the compatibility in a
major way. That's why we're planning to define Roundcube One as
feature complete and focus on a new core engine for the future
Roundcube webmail application.

In order to make than happen, we can reply on long time partners who
supported Roundcube already in the past. Kolab Systems has offered to
drive this project by contributing their well established software
development capabilities and dedicate additional developer power to
help us get the work done. In addition to that, the folks from Kolab
Digital in London are going to share their expertise on the UX and
design part of it.

Two major goals are important to us: Besides improving the core
technology and modernizing the UI, we also aim to move some of the
groupware features we currently see in the Kolab suite into Roundcube
itself and make them available for other backends. And we'll certainly
provide a migration path to existing Roundcube installations.

So to enable us to achieve these high stake goals together for
Roundcube Next we proudly announce our crowdfunding campaign at
Indiegogo. Go to https://roundcu.be/next and back us if you can or
help us spread the word about it. Your websites, blogs and social
media channels can help us reach more people. Or if you're working
for, or are a customer of, an ISP who's already using Roundcube,
please forward this campaign to your product manager.

Let's challenge today's email and create the most awesome webmail
application people deserve to communicate freely using systems and
services they can trust. The next Roundcube will of course again be
100% open source and made available to everybody. This is your chance
to contribute to the success of free software.

Many thanks to all of our past, current and future supporters!

The Roundcube Dev Team

[1] https://roundcubeinbox.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/roundcube-next-if-we-would-start-over-again/

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