[RCD] roundcube caldav radicale

Patrick Welche prlw1 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 9 12:47:51 CET 2015

Following up on a post to the users list "Recommended CalDAV/Calendering
for RC":


I tried and failed to figure out the current status of CalDAV in

It seems that success stories of roundcube -> caldav server tend to
use a plugin from the now defunct myroundcube site.

Talk of CalDAV from kolab seems to be about the server, so
roundcube -> kolab using CalDAV (or "iRony"):


Thing is, there is the tantalizing


though oddly, looking in its master branch, there is no
plugins/calendar/drivers/caldav directory.

So where should one look / are there any plans for a roundcube
calendar plugin to talk to a standard issue caldav server?



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