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Andrea Brancatelli abrancatelli at schema31.it
Thu Nov 12 12:12:05 CET 2015



sometimes our users report that their attachment filename are being
butchered by Roundcube. We haven't been able to track down to a specific
case, but I think this is somehow related to the filename having some
extended character. 

We tried to reproduce it but I think it only happens with Windows, and
we don't have windows machines here :) 

This is an example of how some filenames arrive into roundcube: 



For what it's worth, we did some investigation and the problem is not in
the mail composition part, it's in the upload parsing part - in fact we
have a plugin hooked on the upload handling and the upload() function is
receiving $args['path'] already broken. 

Do you have any hint? 


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