[RCD] Say goodbye to Trac

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Tue Feb 23 21:12:10 CET 2016

Hello devs and list lurkers

You all might have noticed the hickups we recently had with our Trac
platform. Our Trac site was under heavy attack from spammers which put
high load on the system and flooded the database with garbage. None of
us really is a Trac expert and we failed at bringing the necessary
measures in place to fight the spamming an to clean up the mess they

Adam, our volunteer admin who donated his private server for hosting
the Trac site wants to resign from his duties which is fair and
As a first action we deactivated user registration while we're looking
for alternatives.

That said, we're now looking at possible replacements for Trac or a
successor for Adam who is willing to take the burden of hosting that
crap. The most obvious - and already often requested - option is to
migrate the tickets and the wiki pages into github. I already tested
the import through the github API and that's a feasible option. But of
course there are downsides: issue IDs cannot be kept and would be
re-assigned. Also one cannot add tickets and comments with a date in
the past.

>From the 6.5K tickets we have in the database, there are ~ 200 open. I
guess migrating these plus the resolved ones back to milestone 1.0.0
into github issues would give us a clean restart without loosing to
much valuable data and - most importantly - without having to setup,
host and protect our own tracker system.

Anyway, please raise your voice with suggestions, concerns or offers
if you have experience with such a post-Trac situation.

Many thanks,

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