[RCD] Say goodbye to Trac

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Wed Feb 24 00:08:46 CET 2016

I'm willing to offer to host your Trac and keep spammers at bay -- it's 
part of my regular job duties already, what's another server? -- but I 
think the project as a whole is better off moving more onto the Github 
platform. There'll be some short term pain but you'll get a lot more 
long-term benefit from the really active Github community.

- R.

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On 2016-02-23 12:12, Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> Hello devs and list lurkers
> You all might have noticed the hickups we recently had with our Trac
> platform. Our Trac site was under heavy attack from spammers which put
> high load on the system and flooded the database with garbage. None of
> us really is a Trac expert and we failed at bringing the necessary
> measures in place to fight the spamming an to clean up the mess they
> caused.
> Adam, our volunteer admin who donated his private server for hosting
> the Trac site wants to resign from his duties which is fair and
> understandable.
> As a first action we deactivated user registration while we're looking
> for alternatives.
> That said, we're now looking at possible replacements for Trac or a
> successor for Adam who is willing to take the burden of hosting that
> crap. The most obvious - and already often requested - option is to
> migrate the tickets and the wiki pages into github. I already tested
> the import through the github API and that's a feasible option. But of
> course there are downsides: issue IDs cannot be kept and would be
> re-assigned. Also one cannot add tickets and comments with a date in
> the past.
> From the 6.5K tickets we have in the database, there are ~ 200 open. I
> guess migrating these plus the resolved ones back to milestone 1.0.0
> into github issues would give us a clean restart without loosing to
> much valuable data and - most importantly - without having to setup,
> host and protect our own tracker system.
> Anyway, please raise your voice with suggestions, concerns or offers
> if you have experience with such a post-Trac situation.
> Many thanks,
> Thomas
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