[RCD] Two/three more issues (was: Can't load mails and addressbook in 1.2-git anymore)

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Tue Jan 12 01:54:25 CET 2016

Am 11.01.2016 15:22, schrieb A.L.E.C: 

> On 01/11/2016 03:19 PM, Michael Heydekamp wrote: 
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [10-Jan-2016 21:57:17 Europe/Berlin] PHP Fatal error:  Can't use function
>> return value in write context in
> I fixed this a few hours ago.

Right, thanks and fix (after git-pull) confirmed. :) 

Sorry for posting in HTML this time, but it makes my life easier, as I have
found two/three more issues which I can better demonstrate with small pics
(except for the first one): 

	* When replying to an own message in RC stable, the message goes to myself
(that's NOT how it should be). When replying to the very same message in
1.2-git, it goes to the original recipient (that's how it should be!). So
1.2-git is more stable than our current stable 1.0.8 [GIT 20151223.0948] in
this regard. If you need more detailed info, please let me know.

The headers List-* are display-wise currently collected into one header and
displayed this way in 1.2-git: 

Not quite how it should be, I would assume...? 

Plus that it should read "MAILINGLISTE" rather than "MAILING LISTE" in
German. A common error thanks to "anglifying" everything these days.

Another translation issue - if you click on the down arrow of an attachment,
you'll see: 

Ehm... Who the hell did translate this? Of course, the English term "Open"
also means "Offen", but in this context it should of course read "Öffnen".
Are we doing Google or Babelfish translations in Roundcube these days...? 

Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de
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