[RCD] S/MIME encryption and signing plugin

Владимир Горпенко vgo at stels.ru
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>>  I think that it isn't enough to study only those places where the new
>>  code is directly built in. It is necessary to know the general 
>>  and functioning of an Enigma. And for this purpose it is necessary to
>>  study some thousands of lines of a code of which it consists. I can't
>>  make it.
>I'm sure it's not so bad ;) At least for the most of work we need.

I fluently saw enigma_driver.php. If I correctly understand, you suggest 
to make the driver for S/MIME.

I have some questions.

1. Processing of the message is entirely made in memory? And if message 
is very big? Is ciphered and subscribes not only the text of the 
message, but also the attached files.

2. If I correctly understood, the driver processes only a message body. 
But it is also necessary to work with headers - to remove one, to add 
others. How it is offered to be realized?

3. php openssl works with private keys and certificates. And the driver 
receives only keys. Whether it is possible to build in this scheme work 
with certificates?

4. The certificate can be attached to the received message. It can be 
kept by the recipient for further use. It can be done in the existing 

5. The certificate attached to the signed message can be invalid or not 
entrusted. For verification of the power of attorney of the certificate 
the base of the entrusted CA is necessary. It can be realized in the 

Perhaps, I not completely understood ideology of drivers and everything 
is simpler, than it seemed to me. In that case I apologize.

Best regards,
     Vladimir Gorpenko

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