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I have some questions about RCube (1.2)

1. rcube_message.php, lines 114-120

          if (!empty($this->headers->structure)) {
         else {
             $this->body = $this->storage->get_body($uid);
Is that the whole body of unstructured (not multipart) message is stored 
in memory? When you use S/MIME an encrypted email is unstructured and 
can be large (tens of megabytes). Of course, if the message is decrypted 
before this place (for example, in rcube_imap) the appearance of large 
unstructured letters unlikely.

2. What for is the function get_part_content in rcube_message.php? This 
function gets part body from the storage object (i.e. imap object) and 
not exec hook 'message_part_body'. Will it cause problems in message 

3. The same questions about get_body in rcube_storage.php.
Also note that some plugins communicate directly with the rcube_imap, to 
get the text of the message part.

4. Yes, 'message_part_structure' can change the structure of the part of 
the message. But, function parse_structure in which is the challenge of 
this hook, not always called. I do not quite understand the logic of RC 
and I ask you to say whether the hook  'message_part_structure'  will 
provide normal work in these situations:
- S/MIME ecnrypted message is not multupart message. After decryption, 
it can be a multipart or not multipart message.
- S/MIME signed message is usually a multipart message. After 
decryption, it can be a multipart or not multipart message.
In both situations changing of part structure is not sufficient.

5. Some of message headers (Content*) have to be changed on decryption 
or sign verification. How it can be done?

Best regards,
      Vladimir Gorpenko
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