[RCD] pgp encryption

Devoted Mystic devotedmystic at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 20:17:42 CET 2016

Hello to all,
I found many bugs in the gpg encryption module.
The only working thing was with a plain mail. Attachments would block the parsing and display of the email.

I modified many points in enigma_engine.php and now everything works as expected (tested with text plain, text plain + attachments, html, html with attachments email).
I even added self-signing and private key export, but I don't advise to use them, as they should be further refined.
The only thing I did not implement is about signature for non text plain emails (but the signature needs to be removed for non text plain emails to be decrypted correctly).

I would like to contribute my fixes. Can somebody check them, or tell me how to do?

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