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Yes, except for text plain messages, when the other kinds of message are to
be signed and encrypted, just before the encryption password is asked for,
a yellow box appears saying that the signature failed because of wrong
There is something wrong or not handled in the signature process. And of
course, signature verification fails. I also tried various combinations
manually with gpg on those messages to verify the signature and they all

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 11:00 AM, A.L.E.C <alec at alec.pl> wrote:

> On 01/18/2016 11:04 AM, devotedmystic . wrote:
> > Ok. Here are some examples.
> >
> > --=_bfe7c275050be5c5d1053ae2d62df650--
> > --=_bfe7c275050be5c5d1053ae2d62df650
> > Content-Type: application/pgp-signature;
> Thanks for the samples. I see now what's missing. I also see that the
> second example has wrong structure (the attachment is not signed), which
> means signed messages creation would need a fix too. I'll work on these
> to be fixed before 1.2-stable release.
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