[RCD] [Roundcube Webmail] #1490633: Enigma: Mail containing text + PGP encrypted part is not decrypted (was: Mail containing text + PGP encrypted part is not decrypted)

devotedmystic . devotedmystic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 16:48:05 CET 2016

I experimented with this as I added to enigma_engine.php self-encryption,
if no valid key was found for the receiver.
So, I appended a message before the encrypted message, saying that, if he
cannot read it (because he does not have the pgp key), he can click on a
link which would decrypt the message, if he knows the password.

Now my sieve configuration broke and I am unable to test until I fix it
again. But I saw that enigma was behaving correctly. The message was
displayed before the decryption password was entered, followed by the
---PGP PART---. Once the password was entered, the message of course
disappeared. Same behavior in enigmail.

For my use, I would mark this as resolved. If there is some other use, I
don't know.

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> #1490633: Enigma: Mail containing text + PGP encrypted part is not
> decrypted
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> Comment (by alec):
>  I couldn't find any standard for this, but e.g. Enigmail can handle such
>  messages (with warning that only part of the body was encrypted). So, we
>  should support this too, I suppose.
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