[RCD] Mailvelope default keyring identifier

Kyle Francis franck6 at rpi.edu
Sat Jul 9 00:41:21 CEST 2016

I noticed in app.js the default mailvelope keyring identifier is set to 
this.user_id, which is a long unique identifier.  This produced an 
unexpected behavior for me.  My use case was as such:

I initially installed Mailvelope, exported my GPG keys from 
roundcube/enigma and loaded them into Mailvelope (no issues).  Then I 
attempted to encrypt an outgoing email using the Mailvelope api plugin 
(vice the enigma plugin) and was told that Mailvelope was unable to find 
the requisite public keys for the intended recipient.  Wait, what?  I 
just imported those in the last step... In debugging app.js through the 
browser I saw that the keyring was in fact empty, yet the only keyring I 
saw through the plugin interface in Firefox was the default keyring that 
I had previously imported keys into.  It wasn't until I used the 
mailvelope API to manually open the settings page for the new keyring 
that I was able to in face see the alternate keyring (and subsequently 
add keys to it).

As it turns out, the default keyring identifier used by the Mailvelope 
plugin is in fact 'mailvelope'.  Would it make more sense to default to 
that keyring instead of initializing a new one off of the user_id in 
Roundcube?  Are there any conflicts that I'm not thinking of?  I suggest 
this change since I wasn't even able to find the new roundcube keyring 
from the user interface in the first place.

To me this seems "more intuitive", but then again my HCI course isn't 
until the fall semester ;)

If this would be useful I would be more than happy to submit a PR.


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