[RCD] Enigma S/MIME support

Kyle Francis franck6 at rpi.edu
Sat Mar 26 03:47:34 CET 2016

Fork completed and commits re-added.  Thanks for getting me squared 
away.  I hope I did it right and that makes it easier for you.

Looking back on it I think the only GPG related change I made was that I 
had to extend the decrypt() method abstract in enigma_engine.php so I 
had to change the decrypt() function definition in 
enigma_driver_gnupg.php.  But that should be all.  I'll include that in 
the PR that I do when I get everything up and running with SMIME.


On 2016-03-25 08:08, Kyle Francis wrote:
> My apologies. This is my first time working with someone else's repo.
> I'll go ahead and delete my repo, then fork. This will give me a
> chance to reorganize my commits too, as they were rather sporadic.
> I'll let you when that's done. If any of my gpg related changes are
> still valid I'll submit a PR as well.
> -Kyle
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