[RCD] Enigma S/MIME support

Kyle Francis franck6 at rpi.edu
Thu May 19 19:39:34 CEST 2016

Figured out what I was doing wrong... openssl gives you the S/MIME 
signature in base64 encoded form.  I was attempting to copy that and 
inject it straight into an outgoing message.  The problem with that was 
the already base64 encoded signature was being base64 encoded a second 
time when the Mail_mime object is being prepped for transmission.  
Decoding the base64 and then inserting as a binary signature using the 
enigma_mime_message::addPGPSignature works.

So signing is now done, just to do encrypting...

On 05/19/2016 08:25 AM, Kyle Francis wrote:
> In the wee hours of the morning last night I figured out what was 
> tripping me up. enigma_mime_message::contentHeaders is overriding the 
> same call in Mail_mime.  So I added logic in enigma_mime_message for 
> SMIME signed messages, scraping the SMIME signature out of the openssl 
> output and reusing the addPGPsignature method to inject it in the 
> outgoing email.  I just need to sort out what headers need to be 
> included when signing (vs sending) and it should be working.
> What does everyone use for debugging purposes?  I tried using 
> NetBeans/xdebug but it didn't really work for me. Any other 
> recommendations besides file_put_contents?
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