[RCD] GB2312 and ISO-2022-KR

Vladimir Gorpenko vgo at stels.ru
Thu Sep 22 09:45:38 CEST 2016


Sometimes to me letters in such charsets come. No, I don't correspond 
with Chinese or Koreans. But someone writes on cyrillic using these 

These codings, as well as UTF-8, allow to mix characters of different 
national alphabets, including Latin and cyrillic in the letter.

Some e-mail clients work with this coding normally.

As far as I can judge, RC 1.1.4 doesn't support these codings.

Whether there is a support of these codings in the latest version of RC?

Whether it is planned to add it to next versions?

Most likely, I should add it to RC 1.1.4 urgently. I will be grateful if 
to me help to find places where different codings for a letter body, 
both HTML, and the text are processed. I found processing of codings in 
titles recently.

If it is interesting to someone, I am ready to transfer results of this 

Best regards,
    Vladimir Gorpenko

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