[RCD] GB2312, ISO-2022-KR and other problems

Vladimir Gorpenko vgo at stels.ru
Fri Sep 23 12:35:53 CEST 2016

A.L.E.C писал 2016-09-23 12:25:
> On 23.09.2016 11:07, Vladimir Gorpenko wrote:
>>> Either your PHP installation does not support this encoding or more
>>> likely the text is not encoded properly so decoding failed.
>> Text is correct. The same letter is opened correctly in RC on my test
>> server. Both servers works with the same mail base and mail server.
> Both have the same PHP and modules?

No. I successfully updated a test server, but I can't update the working 
server so far. Therefore versions of PHP differ (5.6.17 vs 5.6.25). I 
compared yesterday outputs of phpinfo()  from both servers. The 
difference is insignificant, except numbers of versions, of course.

But on a test server more applications, than on the working server are 
installed. For example, DRUPAL is set there.

> You might also compare user
> Preferences > Displaying Messages > Default Character Set (in Advanced
> options section).

UTF-8 in both cases.
On a test server several versions of RC, including 1.2.beta are set.
I tried to do test and working servers identical where it is possible, 
but in many cases it was impossible. For example, the working server 
works with chroot (Apache feature, not Linux chroot) whereas test server 
- no.

Very much I want to hope that the problem with GB2312 will be fixed in 
case of server updating, but I am not sure that it so.

> Sure you can, but on a working system it might be hard to switch. There
> should be no problems if you start with empty database.

Thank you.

>> In RoundCube log.
>> In Apache error log there are many notices like this:
>>  [notice] child pid 2315 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
>> and nothing else.
> That's it. In most such cases this is caused by some PHP bug. It's hard
> to investigate these.

Thanks, I understood. I learn to work with core dump.

Best regards,
    Vladimir Gorpenko

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