[RCD] GB2312, ISO-2022-KR

Vladimir Gorpenko vgo at stels.ru
Tue Sep 27 14:04:58 CEST 2016

I can send an example of ISO-2022-KR which mbstring can't process.
I send it to your address the separate letter.

In case of GB2312, I suppose, there is nothing to investigate. Iconv 
converts it normally, mbstring of such coding doesn't support, and with 
renaming also converts absolutely normally.

Best regards,
    Vladimir Gorpenko

A.L.E.C писал 2016-09-27 14:39:
> On 27.09.2016 13:30, Vladimir Gorpenko wrote:
>> Yes, it works.
>> Operations were carried out on T server on which there is no chroot.
>> I commented out the operators calling iconv and made these 
>> corrections.
>> GB2312 fulfilled normally.
>> It seems mb_check_encoding returns false.
>> I uncommented iconv and was convinced that iconv normally works both
>> with GB18030, and with ISO-2022-KR.
>> Whether it is necessary also to add a line:
>>    'GBK' => 'GB18030',
>> ?
> It might be, indeed. Could you provide samples that fail without the
> patch for both GB2312 and ISO-2022-KR, so I could investigate more?

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