[RCD] Glitches/issues/bugs 1.3 beta release

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Tue Feb 14 03:09:36 CET 2017

Am 14.02.2017 01:45, schrieb cor at xs4all.nl:
>> On 13 Feb 2017, at 20:22, Michael Heydekamp <listuser at freexp.de> wrote:
> I see the exact same behavior on 1.2.3 with the flag column.

I can't believe that, sorry.

So, you place your mouse cursor say in the Subject column. Then you move it
up-/downwards. And then you're really seeing this "wandering star" in the
flag column at the very left (in 1.2.3, with Classic skin)?

If so, which browser? With FF and Edge and 1.2.3, I can't replicate your

> I have never heard a single peep from anyone about how terrible that it.

Of course not, as it has never been the case prior to 1.3. And of course,
this is neither the only, nor the most disturbing, nor the most important
issue of all, but it is one. I have mentioned others (of more importance) as

>> Why do get things broken which did work perfectly before? And why does nobody notice it
>> BEFORE announcing a (beta) release? <sigh>
> I think you completely misunderstand the purpose of a beta, and even more,
> the relationship between you and the developers of roundcube.

Feel free to think what you like.

But if you want to listen to some facts: I have been the maintainer of a
freeware e-mail client for years as well. OK, that was in the "good ol'
days" of DOS/16 and Borland Pascal, but it was the case. So I'm very well
aware of the "relationship between the users and the developers" (incl. me)
of this kind of software.

The main difference just was (and I mentioned that more than once already
years before in this list): I did TEST (before committing anything) and USE
this software myself on a daily, no, even hourly basis. And of course we had
bugs, but nobody did find that many as me myself. Unfortunately, this isn't
the case with Roundcube and it's devs.

Most people and devs here are posting with Thunderbird, Apple Mail (that is
you) or undeclared user agents. But if you're using Roundcube as your one
and only mail client (which I'm doing for years now), you may have a
different view how it should work in detail (and how it should be tested
before being released).

Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

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