[RCD] Glitches/issues/bugs 1.3 beta release

cor at xs4all.nl cor at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 14 03:15:29 CET 2017

> On 13 Feb 2017, at 22:09, Michael Heydekamp <listuser at freexp.de> wrote:
> Am 14.02.2017 01:45, schrieb cor at xs4all.nl:
>>> On 13 Feb 2017, at 20:22, Michael Heydekamp <listuser at freexp.de> wrote:
>> I see the exact same behavior on 1.2.3 with the flag column.
> I can't believe that, sorry.
> So, you place your mouse cursor say in the Subject column. Then you move it
> up-/downwards. And then you're really seeing this "wandering star" in the
> flag column at the very left (in 1.2.3, with Classic skin)?
> If so, which browser? With FF and Edge and 1.2.3, I can't replicate your
> behaviour.

In the larry skin, but I assume the same arguments apply. 

>> I have never heard a single peep from anyone about how terrible that it.
> Of course not, as it has never been the case prior to 1.3. And of course,
> this is neither the only, nor the most disturbing, nor the most important
> issue of all, but it is one. I have mentioned others (of more importance) as
> well.

It has. It does it right there in the Larry skin. 

>> I think you completely misunderstand the purpose of a beta, and even more,
>> the relationship between you and the developers of roundcube.
> Feel free to think what you like.
> But if you want to listen to some facts: I have been the maintainer of a
> freeware e-mail client for years as well. OK, that was in the "good ol'
> days" of DOS/16 and Borland Pascal, but it was the case. So I'm very well
> aware of the "relationship between the users and the developers" (incl. me)
> of this kind of software.
> The main difference just was (and I mentioned that more than once already
> years before in this list): I did TEST (before committing anything) and USE
> this software myself on a daily, no, even hourly basis. And of course we had
> bugs, but nobody did find that many as me myself. Unfortunately, this isn't
> the case with Roundcube and it's devs.
> Most people and devs here are posting with Thunderbird, Apple Mail (that is
> you) or undeclared user agents. But if you're using Roundcube as your one
> and only mail client (which I'm doing for years now), you may have a
> different view how it should work in detail (and how it should be tested
> before being released).

It wasnt released. It was a beta. Hence my remarks that you dont seem to understand the word beta. If you feel utterly devestated by these glaring faults, dont use a beta.  It would be fine if you would just mention these bugs and be done with it, but you’re just being rude.


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