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Georg Greve greve at kolabsys.com
Wed Jan 18 16:03:35 CET 2017

Hi Michiel,

On Wednesday 18 January 2017 14:55:48 Michiel Beijen wrote:
> which is marked as '8 months ago' which would be May 2016. So do you
> have a link for this other message from October?


All backers should have received an invite for that and been told that this is 
where communication will take place from now on. 

Driving traffic to Indiegogo has not really been a priority for us given their 
performance during the campaign, including outages and other problems, as well
as the costs associated (see https://blogs.fsfe.org/greve/?p=695 for more 

> Of course I can wait for the stickers :D I was just a little
> disappointed in the lack of updates;

All of us are disappointed, but things happen, including personal and health 
problems which have affected key team members over the past weeks and months. 

Fortunately Roundcube Next was started with ample time reserves before current 
Roundcube would become obsolete. Plus we've continued to work on things that 
will benefit Roundcube Next development as well -- including Kube and now
Alec's initiative to start working on a responsive skin.

So things are moving and there are ways to increase velocity. But that needs 
some sensible planning. But the success of Kolab has created its own 
challenges. We really need more hands on deck, for one. Managing that change, 
while planning more than just Roundcube Next, is a good amount of work. 

And protecting management time from interruptions is not always possible.

But the updates to the technical roadmap of Kolab - Roundcube Next included - 
are in the works right now, and I would expect us to have visible results (so 
not just plans) this year. But the actual planning of the roadmap I have to 
leave to our CTO, so until he's done with that, I cannot say much more.

Best regards,

Georg C. F. Greve
Chief Executive Officer

Kolab Systems AG            Kolab Enterprise
Zürich, Switzerland            Collaborate in Confidence

e: greve at kolabsystems.com
t: +41 78 904 43 33
w: http://kolabsystems.com

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