[RCD] Attachment-Size

Martin Wodrich listuser at freexp.de
Wed Nov 22 09:07:54 CET 2017

Am 21.11.2017 01:23, schrieb Lukas Erlacher:

> based on some quick testing I did with git-master and 
> roundcube 1.3.3 changing the values in the .htaccess there
> doesn't seem to be a problem with Roundcube itself.

Now, I found the solution myself.
It is the new (4 Month ago) .user.ini File in the RC GIT-Master.

This file set up the Limits to:
-------------------- snip --------------------
-------------------- snip --------------------

All of this values, I comment out now and big files no problem anymore.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Martin Wodrich

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