[RCD] Roundcube Webmail 1.4 beta released

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Tue Aug 28 10:12:39 CEST 2018

On 27.08.2018 17:02, Brendan wrote:
> On 2018-08-27 12:22 AM, A.L.E.C wrote:
>> - it also does not add many requirements to the project. Installing
>> lessc on my system was very simple. I can't say installing
>> Bootstrap/sass dependencies is simple (and tons of node deps just scares
>> me).
> perhaps the build process for making the release tarballs could include
> compiled css files? that way anyone working on the dev side gains the
> benefits of using lessc, while those simply using the project releases
> don't need to install node just to build the css files.

We're talking developer perspective. Of course, release tarballs will
and do contain compiled css.

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