[RCD] managesieve and 'editheader' extension

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Fri Aug 31 00:19:28 CEST 2018


I did ask that in the RCU list already, but as there was no response, I try
it here again:

We just moved all domains and mail accounts to another hoster, and I managed
to convince the new hoster to install the 'editheader' sieve extension (RFC
5293), as we definitely need it.

It's not a problem to amend the 'addheader' commands manually to the filter
set (as the managesieve plugin for RC doesn't offer any options for it yet).

But it is a sort of problem that all 'addheader' commands are being removed
if any rule is changed and saved through the frontend of the plugin (except
if editing the filter set manually, of course).

Is there any way to avoid this...? And/or are there any plans to implement
the commands of the 'editheader' extension?

I did have a look into the code already, but I have no real clue of PHP.
Would it be sufficient to just amend 'addheader' to this array in
rcube_sieve_script.php (just to avoid that it is being removed upon saving a
rule through the frontend, not to really support it in the UI):

> private $supported = array(     // supported Sieve extensions:
>     'body',                     // RFC5173
>     'copy',                     // RFC3894
>     [... etc. ...]

Furthermore, we'd like to use 'address :is' and 'address :matches' with
non-standard headers such as "X-Envelope-To" and "X-Sieve-Redirected-From".
Currently this doesn't work because the filter set can't even be saved (it
throws an error). Is this a server-side limitation or a limitation of the

If the latter, would it help to add those headers to this array in

> protected $addr_headers = array(
>     // Required
>     "from", "to", "cc", "bcc", "sender", "resent-from", "resent-to",
>     // Additional (RFC 822 / RFC 2822)
>     "reply-to", "resent-reply-to", "resent-sender", "resent-cc", "resent-bcc",
>     // Non-standard (RFC 2076, draft-palme-mailext-headers-08.txt)
>     "for-approval", "for-handling", "for-comment", "apparently-to", "errors-to",
>     "delivered-to", "return-receipt-to", "x-admin", "read-receipt-to",
>     [...]

We can of course just give it a try, but I thought it would make sense to
ask before we might be following a completely wrong path.

Any helpful response will be appreciated.

Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

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