[RCD] roundcube.net website refresh

Phil Weir roundcube at tehinterweb.co.uk
Sat Jun 16 14:02:22 CEST 2018

> > Hi,
> >
> > I was thinking that with the work on Elastic progressing it might also
be a
> > good idea to refresh the roundcube.net website and make it responsive.
> >
> > As an initial step I have created https://johndoh.github.io/. I have
> > very little changes to the actual content. Two things I have done are
> remove
> > references to Sourceforge and added Plugins to the nav bar.
> I think that's a good idea and your version looks nice. I don't really
> have time to spend on the webpage code, but maybe Thomas would like to
> work on this. Thanks.

I've made a few improvements and added screenshots from 1.3.6.

The screenshots should all be anonymous and generic, if any one spots any
errors or has some better example emails to use in them please let me know.



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